Spring Plein Air, 10×10 inches

Spring Plein Air, 10x10 inches

Old Churchyard, 6×6 inches

Old Churchyard, 6x6 inches

Evening Light, Chester, 8×10 inches

Evening Light, Chester, 8x10 inches

Lime Quarry, 12×24 inches

Lime Quarry, 12x24 inches

Abridged, 12×9 inches

Abridged, 12x9 inches

Packing Plant, 8×8 inches

Packing Plant, 8x8 inches

Landmark, 8×8 inches

Landmark, 8x8 inches

Warehouse, 6×6 inches

Warehouse, 6x6 inches

Behind the Gas Station, 8×8 inches

Behind the Gas Station, 8x8 inches

Vacant Lot, Chester, 6×6 inches

Vacant Lot, Chester, 6x6 inches

Wilmington 2, 12×24 inches

Wilmington 2, 12x24 inches

Wilmington, 12×24 inches

Wilmington, 12x24 inches

Lot 43, Wilmington, 12×9 inches

Lot 43, Wilmington, 12x9 inches

Billboards, 9×12 inches

Billboards, 9x12 inches

Winter Light, 8×16 inches

Winter Light, 8x16 inches

Muted Light, 12×12 inches

Muted Light, 12x12 inches

Stowe Mountain, 48×48 inches

Stowe Mountain, 48x48 inches

Dusk Behind the Studio, 16×16 inches

Dusk Behind the Studio, 16x16 inches

Last Open View, 6×6 inches, mixed media

Last Open View, 6x6 inches, mixed media

Blue Moon Motel, 14×11 inches

Blue Moon Motel

Exploration of a View, 5×7 inches

Exploration of a View

House on the Hill, 12×14 inches

House on the Hill

Once There was a Spotted Dog, 22×30 inches

Once There was a Spotted Dog

The Vacancy, 30×20 inches

The Empty House

View Across, 5×7 inches

View Across

Winter Orchard, 20×24 inches

Winter Orchard